Monday, April 6, 2020

NAPOWRIMO APRIL 6, 2020 Sunset

Cape May Sunset ©2019 Noreen Braman
“Losing everything is like the sun going down on me.”
Songwriters: Bernie Taupin / Elton John
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me


Colors at the end of day
tongues of distant signal fires,
light the way to hearth and home
and all the soul desires.

Not the burning crimson flames
from rows of funeral pyres
lit by wailing weeping forms
who grief alone attires.

All the kings and queens and thrones
every last one of the empires,
ends in conflagration
Destroyed in symbolic hellfires.

Still, standing as the sun goes down
The soul seeks what it admires,
And takes what solace it can find
Before her time expires.

©2020 Noreen Braman

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