Friday, April 3, 2020

NAPOWRIMO 2020 The Cruellest Month

April 2020. National Poetry Writing Month.

A tradition I have participated in for many years, in the month of my birth; a month for fools, for rebirth, for rains that bring back fertility to the fields. But, with an underlying dark side, of war, sickness, pain and death. This year April returns, and she demands her ransom.

April 3, 2020

The Cruellest Month 2020

I borrowed the words satirically

Bemoaning how difficult to bear verse

On a daily basis.

Sweating over a blank page

Or drawing magnetic words at random

Shaping metaphor from air.

Now comes the April of nightmares

In the traditions of Aprils long past

springs of unrelenting pestilence,

laying waste to populations,

grown comfortable and ignorant

of it’s eventual return

the demand for tribute

in observance of

the forgotten rites of spring.
                                      - ©2020 Noreen Braman

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