Saturday, January 4, 2020

A New Year, A New Decade, and An Old Philosopher

( While Snoopy is one of my favorite philosophers, he is not the one being referred to in this post. Photo (c)2019 Noreen Braman)

I am still in a holiday frame of mind, and for me I don't count the holidays as being over until at least January 6th. My tree and decorations will most likely stay up a little bit longer than that, depending on how soon I can part with their festive touch. I've set myself up with some goals for this year, things to accomplish, including a journey with the Greater Good's well-being toolkit. I haven't started yet, again because of still considering myself in a holiday mode. However I came across a great article that reminds us that our issues and concerns of today are not so new or unusual. Marcus Aurelius in his "Meditations" shows us that some of our issues thoughts and worries have been dogging humans for centuries.

The LOML and I were inspired to pull out the book and spent some time reading from it as we had breakfast in bed this morning. (One of the simple joys we try to reward ourselves with every weekend)

16 Things Everybody Should Stop Doing In Order To Be Successful.