Monday, April 23, 2018

Thoughts After a 9/11 Memorial 5k NAPOWRIMO 4-23-18

Photo ©2018 Noreen Braman
Thoughts After a 9/11 Memorial 5k

Cushioned socks and sneakers
to take me 3.2 miles
on a clear sky, sunny day
to remember.

Staircases descended by those in fear
staircases ascended by the calm and brave
all who expected to see sunrise the next day
are remembered.

Upward looks take in the new building
far gazes behold Liberty
internally, visions of dust and debris
swirl in the mist of remembrance.

Walking in the shadows of restoration
much more that the raising of skyscrapers
powerless to raise the dead
the rebuilding of life is the duty
to memory.

©2018 Noreen Braman

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