Monday, April 2, 2018

The Year of Nine (NAPOWRIMO April 2, 2018)

April 2, 2018

The Year of Nine

The times table secret

Turns me nine again

to pursue the symbolism

inherent in a number

that hides in its own product,

denotes judgment in

biblical numerology,

or maybe patience

or spiritual gifts.

A numeral with multiplied meanings,

complicated with being mistaken for six,

which is another research rabbit hole

leading to evil incarnate when aligned in triplet. 

Dream of it and expect spiritual awakening

or a new path,

visiting nine swords, wands, cups or pentacles

all cheerful in their various hints

of isolation,

like Love Potion #9,

which turns on you in the end.

Truth in Hebrew,

Lucky in China,

Unlucky in Japan,

The number of Brahma,

The lives of a cat,

All numeric contemplations

For this, my year of nine.

©2018 Noreen Braman

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