Monday, April 1, 2024

NAPOWRIMO 2024 - April 1

 This year, I have given myself a theme, and a logo, for National Poetry Month and my annual participation in the National Poetry Writing Month part of it. Since it is also April Fool's Day, I present a poem to you, but, is it mine, or is it AI?


In the stillness of contemplation,

I find solace amidst life's chaotic symphony.

A moment to pause, to reflect,

To untangle the knots of my mind.


In this time of transition and change,

 Contemplation is my anchor,

Guiding me through uncertain waters,

A steady hand on the rudder of my soul.


It is in these quiet moments,

That I find clarity and purpose,

A chance to listen to the whispers of my heart,

And to align my path with my truest self.


Contemplation is a gift I give myself,

A sacred space for growth and understanding,

A reminder that amidst the noise,

There is always room for silence.


In this season of my life,

Contemplation is not a luxury,

But a necessity,

A lifeline to my own inner wisdom.

©? 2024 Noreen Braman

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