Tuesday, March 26, 2024

The Contemplation That Started Off As a Joke, Has Now Changed My Life


 I recently took some time to contemplate where I am: career-wise, outside interest-wise, and personal life-wise. 

The coping skills I am working on are letting go of all the "to be" thinking, and focusing more on the "I am" thoughts. Basically, to live more in the moment, using the time and talents I have at hand, and stopping the frustrating type of striving to be something/someone else. 

Sharing the joy of humor and laughter wellness brings me to a place of confidence and satisfaction, and builds my resilience for when life and work are not funny. 

My goal now is to live within that purpose, understanding that I will always need a career path that supports me, but no longer defines me. 

That realization alone has changed my stress levels.

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