Thursday, April 27, 2023

NAPOWRIMO April 27, 2023


I’ve missed quite a few NAPOWRIMO days, but today, while at the AATH (Association for Applied & Therapeutic Humor) Conference I was inspired by an opportunity to follow my own advice.


Today’s disaster can be tomorrow’s funny story.

                                                                Noreen Braman



Powerpoint Disaster

There was thunder and lightning in my presentation.

No, really, it was a sound file

Carefully placed and timed, I thought,

To enhance the Laughter Lightning Round.

But Zeus was feeling disrespected

how dare I use lightning for humor

Only he can control its form.

And that is why lightning flashed

and thunder roared

at all the wrong times

in my 4-minute speech

that was rewarded with smiles and laughter,

instant reframing of a disaster

turning immediately into humor.

©2023 Noreen Braman




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