Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Stacking Up the Complaints for Filing - a poem to dump my troubles in and a laughter exercise

Complaint Litany

Depression and poor sleep
never good
blood work out of balance
cause for lethargy and weight gain
fuzzy thinking
bad memory
To Do lists growing longer
office stuff undone from last month
broken foot unhealed
achy joints and itchy skin.

Caring for an elderly dog
mobility impaired
Half blind
two weak legs
digestive issues
and incontinent
we mirror each other in our inactivity.

Wonder about the family
whispering  “here comes the trouble fairy”
I’m also sick of listening to myself
so writing them down
the litany of complaints
to get them out of my head
and make room for something productive.


©2017 Noreen Braman

Have a complaint litany of your own? Make a list, with each complaint on its own line.  Then, read each line out loud, and at the end of the line, say HA HA HA, next line say, HO HO HO, next line, HEE HEE HEE, and repeat to the end. When you are done, take a deep breath smile, then laugh. Start off with pretend laughter and see if you can break into real hearty laughter. No worries, even the pretend laughter tells your brain to release endorphins which help you feel better. Still feeling lethargic or anxious? Try a little mindful breathing. Below is a poem to help you with that, alternate breathing in and out deeply with each line.  I'm doing this with you! We can lift our spirits and forge ahead!


breathe in calm
breathe out fear
smile: even if you don't feel like it.
release the anxiety

breathe in healing
breathe out pain
smile: with your lips and eyes.
release the worry

breathe in happiness
breathe out catastrophes
smile: feel love in your life
release the sorrow

©2017 Noreen Braman

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