Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Laughter of Friends

Laughter shared by friends is a joyous sound. To laugh in harmony with those who know you and all your foibles and follies is a wonderful experience. I experienced that today, more than once. Friends I have known for more (much more) than 20 years treated the LOML (Love of My Life) and me to a trip on a vintage train through the brilliantly colored woods of northern New Jersey.

Between the golden, russet and remaining green leaves we could glance the Delaware River, and the sunlight reflecting off it. We passed historic stone homes decorated for Halloween, and fields full of tall corn stalks. From inside the train we snapped photos and chatted. We discussed the yellow sports car that drove on the road running alongside the train track, keeping pace with the locomotive, stopping when it stopping, and continuing when we did. As we invented outlandish reasons that this car was accompanying our trip, we laughed. We laughed when three of us got tangled up in each others seatbelts preparing to drive home. We laughed in the restaurant as we had dinner. 

We laughed long, we laughed loud, we laughed in the comfortable and familiar way that old friends do. Proof positive that laughter and humor are part of the essential elements of friendship. And those that laugh with you will be there for you when things are not so funny.

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