Monday, January 9, 2017

The Universe Reacts to My Word for 2017

Ok, Universe. I've packed my Captain's bag. You're on!
 My Life

Juggling flaming chainsaws 
while riding a unicycle
on a tightrope.

©Noreen Braman

Yesterday, after lots of deliberation, I settled on the word "Renewal" as my theme word for 2017. It has nothing to do with magazine subscriptions, but rather, about going back along some of the life paths I abandoned to see what I might have dropped along the way.

I thought it was a great word for me, representing a commitment to burn some new neural pathways to keep bad brain things away (I can't even say the "D" word) and go back and find some of the things that I used to think defined me. Things such as, writing, playing music, exploring new places, and spending time with friends and family that I may have had too little contact with over the years.

Not to make excuses, but there are really good reasons that I dropped some of these crumbs along the path; taking care of others while juggling all the glass balls of life being pretty high on the list. And of course, dealing with the fact that the Universe often had other things scheduled for me. Some were supernovas that could not be ignored, some were black holes that threatened to swallow me, others were just passing comets and meteors who blazed through the sky and then moved on.

So I am not surprised that the Universe has a different definition of "Renewal" than I do. What did surprise me was the speed at which the cosmic storm arrived. First the new medical vocabulary word, "osteoarthritis" and its incompatibility with freezing weather. I may need to invest in a George Jetson-style bed that can just pop me up in the morning, as the regular way of getting out of bed isn't working so well.

Then came today's adventures with going back along previous trodden paths that I really didn't want to go back on. First, was the Oh-My-God-will-the-screw-ups-with-the-end-of-my-car-lease-never-end-path. The path I cannot drive on, because the car has yet to be properly re-titled which prevents registration, which ends up with me being without transportation. Not the time of year to see if I can walk/run the 10 miles to work, although it would be great training for the 5K race I want to enter in May. Thanks, Universe, I had a less drastic training regimen in mind.

Adventure number two started as I sat down with the Love of My Life to a nice dinner I had been able to prepare because of being stuck in the house with achy joints and no car.  I dropped my napkin under the table and it immediately became soaking wet. In fact, the whole side of the kitchen was awash in cold water. Cold water that led across the kitchen to the washing machine. The washing machine that was just fixed in October. The washing machine in the kitchen for which three new cabinets have just been delivered in preparation for a new pantry/coffee station to replace a plastic garage storage cabinet. The project I scheduled because finally finishing the kitchen re-do was a good "renewal" path. 

Obviously, the Universe wanted me to go back down the here-we-go-again-with-the-washing-machine-even-though-the-dishwasher-has-been-jockeying-for-a-turn-at-being-repaired path. This is a parallel path to the drop-everything-because-you-need-a-new-furnace-and-a-roof path of 2016. A path that intersected with the time-to-save-your-teeth-before-your-gums-turn-to-mush path.

This is not what I meant by "renewal," Universe. Your interpretation is way down on the list. (see below)

So, the battle begins. Good thing that's the kind of path I know pretty well.

Definition of renew

  1. :  to make like new :  restore to freshness, vigor, or perfection <as we renew our strength in sleep>
  2. :  to make new spiritually :  regenerate
  3.  a :  to restore to existence :  revive  
    b :  to make extensive changes in :  rebuild
  4. :  to do again :  repeat
  5. :  to begin again :  resume

*"Renew." Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 9 Jan. 2017.

PS, Universe: Taking my favorite, life-saving doctor out of my insurance plan as of February 1 was just downright mean. I really don't want to go down the find-an-endrocinologist-who-isn't-crazy path again.

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