Friday, April 12, 2024

NAPOWRIMO April 12, 2024

Nanny Days

welcome little one

messenger from the future

courier of dreams

healer of distress

bringer of joy

reminder of possibilities

keeper of time

and hearts 

©2024 Noreen Braman


Wednesday, April 10, 2024

NAPOWRIMO April 9, 2024

April 9, 2024


Baby Day

This poem is more

than a mandatory verse

during a month

demanding daily lines

even when events

conspire to distract

such as happened today

commemorated here

while we wait

©2024 Noreen Braman



Monday, April 8, 2024

NAPOWRIMO April 8, 2024


In a Week of Ancient Signs


when ancestors read the signs

inherent in weather, stars and trees

 an intersection of earthquake and eclipse

sent as warning to those who followed the Romans

merited fires built in secret

while today descendants with celtic blood

track the moon and tectonic plates

rationality instead of superstition

safety glasses and timetables


behind their eyes in their ancient brains

they remember the gods from the wood

holding their breath until the ground stops shaking

and the fire above returns


©2024 Noreen Braman




Sunday, April 7, 2024

NAPOWRIMO April 7, 2024


Burnt Offerings

incendiary words build flames

that never die down

remaining in sleeping embers

waiting only for wind and warmth

the slightest spark falling from lips

creates a conflagration

that scorches all


©2024 Noreen Braman



Birthdays Bashed


The signatory yearly event

remembrance of first breaths of life

adding up the time

congratulating achievements

and regretting missteps

especially as life lengthens the past

and reduces time for the future

so many candles reduced to ash.

©2024 Noreen Braman



NAPOWRIMO April 6,2024

 Rumination on Realities

A found poem


characterized by or holding

false beliefs or judgments

about external reality

that are held despite

incontrovertible evidence to the contrary


as a symptom of a mental condition

see also: gaslighting

 ©2024 Noreen Braman



Friday, April 5, 2024

Bonus Poem for 2024 NAPOWRIMO

 Here is another contemplative poem, published by Biz catalyst 360


Along The Road

NAPOWRIMO April 5, 2024


Tremors Unexpected


When firmaments are not firm

and stable ground turns unstable

secure houses become insecure

steady footing is suddenly unstable

as Mother Earth acts unmotherly

shaking up the unshaken

leaving predictable balance

unpredictably unbalanced.

© 2024 Noreen Braman



Thursday, April 4, 2024

NAPOWRIMO April 4, 2024




Silent waves

swelling and retreating

leave a wake of memories

blending in an eddy of indecision

tidal pools swimming with electrical life

forming dreams

©2024 Noreen Braman

NAPOWRIMO April 3,2024


Spring Contemplates Inundation in New Jersey


The rain fell

in sheets, buckets, torrents, downpours,


Alternately employing

cloudbursts, showers, thunderstorms, deluges


As trees bent to

gusts, gales, updrafts, headwinds,


While the tempest threw down

squalls, lightning strikes, flood stages, hail, precipitation shafts,


Creating a very busy day for meteorologists and wordsmiths.



©2024 Noreen Braman

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

NAPOWRIMO - April 2, 2024



I haven’t done the taxes,

the taxes aren’t done.

Not a dollar reported,

Not a nickel paid.


I’ve got some time to do them,

Until the time runs out.

Meanwhile the poetry is due

Due every single day.


Priorities I haven’t made,

If having made them is important.

At least the list is written down,

written on today’s magic number day.

 ©2024 Noreen Braman

Monday, April 1, 2024

NAPOWRIMO 2024 - April 1

 This year, I have given myself a theme, and a logo, for National Poetry Month and my annual participation in the National Poetry Writing Month part of it. Since it is also April Fool's Day, I present a poem to you, but, is it mine, or is it AI?


In the stillness of contemplation,

I find solace amidst life's chaotic symphony.

A moment to pause, to reflect,

To untangle the knots of my mind.


In this time of transition and change,

 Contemplation is my anchor,

Guiding me through uncertain waters,

A steady hand on the rudder of my soul.


It is in these quiet moments,

That I find clarity and purpose,

A chance to listen to the whispers of my heart,

And to align my path with my truest self.


Contemplation is a gift I give myself,

A sacred space for growth and understanding,

A reminder that amidst the noise,

There is always room for silence.


In this season of my life,

Contemplation is not a luxury,

But a necessity,

A lifeline to my own inner wisdom.

©? 2024 Noreen Braman