Friday, January 12, 2024

A Message to My Friends and Supporters - especially the members of Innovation Women

 Contemplations continues. Today I start the decisions about what to step back from, and what to keep moving forward. Time to blaze a path through 2024, with eyes wide open, and heart comforted. It isn't easy, but resolving to work with "who I am" instead of "who I might be," is a heavy, serious, undertaking. And I'd like to see where it takes me, you know, before I have anything to do with undertakers.

Good morning to my dear Innovation Women friends! I am sending you this message to let you know how much I appreciate everything that all of you do, and your generosity in sharing tips, tricks, and tell-alls! 


In 2024 I will be stepping back from speaking engagements - the "tale of the tape" reveals a lot of effort for a small reward. As Annie Meehan advised me, "You can't go full time until you can replace the income." And that just isn't happening.

I will continue my laughter work with occasional presentations at my full time job, and I will be spending more time writing - the one thing that has been with me all my life and helps me fulfill my mission and purpose. I will also continue teaching well-being-related classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Rutgers University. (The Spring catalog is out, and I have two classes scheduled - all virtual!)

I also have some personal reasons, including being available to family who are experiencing medical issues. Being Mom will always come first. Again, thanks for all you do, and I'll catch you down the road.

one more thing: With writing being focus of all things in my life, I would be remiss if I didn't take time to shamelessly promote my work.

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