Tuesday, April 4, 2023

NAPOWRIMO April 4, 2023

 Practicing What I Preach

Not so funny when the ankle turns

and wrenches everything above

while bags and boxes fly about

landing on your head

As you hit the ground.


Knees and elbows are first to complain

screeching from scrapes and indignity

Not so funny indeed.


Until the children you bore

and sheltered from harm

are paralyzed with laughter

as they try to help you get up

tears are running down their faces.


And years later they still enact

the choreography of the moment

each move a gymnastic trick,

because after all, I was basically ok,

mostly injured by embarrassment

and now proud to be the favorite example

of reframing for humor.


©2023 Noreen Braman

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