Monday, April 4, 2022

NAPOWRIMO 2022 APRIL 4 Revenge Sleep


Revenge Sleep

At 10 PM, the house softens, edges blur, and colors fade

the dimming light, the goodnight kiss, the smell of just washed pillows

feel the slowing heart, the gentle breath, cool sheets caress skin

eyes softly close as the mind relaxes, lowering attention

releasing the anxiety held at bay in the daylight

the visceral clench in the stomach pit, the fear that has no name

in the darkness the morning light is dreaded, sleeping brings it closer

count down the numbers, exhaling slowly, bringing oblivion or nightmares

until dawn arrives with a gasp, count the numbers up, inhaling deeply

for as long as it takes to recage the fear 

as the sun rises high

keeping revenge sleep many hours away.

 ©2022 Noreen Braman

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